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Kiosk Systems

We are serving multiple Kiosks.
We same rented as per the requirement. We understand the market make available Kiosk.
We make custome kiosk as per the customer requirement.

Corporate Kiosk

Corporate Kiosk systems [ also called Employee Self Service – ESS ] are passive or interactive information systems which provide employees with information. Furthermore employees can communicate with their Human Resources department or management, and independently administer certain processes.

Applications for holidays, travel expense statements, records of hours worked /proof of work are electronically collected and processed. Work instructions, safety guidelines, deployment- or shift plans and general company information can be accessed via the company's intranet.

Corporate Kiosk Segmantes

> Employee Self-Service - ESS
> Information Display
> PaySlip viewing and printing
> Employee Assessment
> Leave Management
> Grievance Request
> Employee Transport Request
> Company Policies
> HelpDesk

Easy and Simple to Use

> User-friendly designed.
> Easy to Use.
> Easy to Move.
> Customized as required.
> Available on Rent.


Usage applicable in

> Corporate Offices
> Manufacturing Units
> Government offices.
> Banking Sector

Kiosk Specification.

> Positioning:
- Outdoor / Indoor
- Standing / Wall-Mounted
> Screen: Touch\Non-Touch
> PC Unit: - As per the requirement.
> Optional features: Thermal printer, Bluetooth Barcode reader, loudspeaker, Cashless payment option (EC, credit cards), headphones, telephone receiver, NFC / RFID reader, card reader, Camera.


Digital Signage Kiosk

Vertical and horizontal interactive digital signage and kiosk with a 32", 42", 46" or 55" screen suitable for usage as digital advertisement and announcement board. An ideal solution to publish ads and announcements on a wide-screen. The product can be use for informative and advertisement purposes in hotels, plazas, business centers, hospitals, shopping centers, holiday villages, movie theaters, airports and bus terminals.

Industry Focused

> Retail Stores                                        > Restaurants
> Food Outlets                                        > Shopping Malls
> Bus Stand                                            > RailwayStation                           > Airport                                                  > Parks                                              > Movie Theater                                > Buses                  
> Corporate offices and reception areas.

Customized Template Designs.

> Food Menu
> Videos
> Images
> PPTs
> News
> Advertising


Health Care Kiosk

Healthcare kiosks can help you better manage the bottom line and allow you to allocate human resources to the most strategic and critical tasks. They can also increase revenue, enhance the patient experience, and improve employee morale. It starts with reducing wait time. Kiosks can enhance the efficiency and care provided at your facility in many ways. Here's what you need to know.

Industry Focused

> Manufacturing Industry
> Automobile Industry
> Construction Industry
> Real Estate and Infrastructure
> Oil and Gas
> Public Sector
> Petrochemicals
> Retail/Hospitality
> Engineering & Construction
> Transportation

Use in

> Patient Registration                                         > Patient Report Printing
> Outdoor Patient Management                       > Payment collection
> Self Check-In                                                     > Patient History